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Elly Kedward manifests?

You may count me in among those thrilled by the imminent new entry in the decades-long research of the Black Hills, Maryland, legendry, as the new film Blair Witch. So much so, that I have found something that may of course amount to mere coincidence but, since any venue is worth being pursued in such a tangle of mysteries, I'm pushing my long-delayed new entry on Necronomical texts a bit in order to share this.

A new piece of footage, rumored to have been found in the Black Hills forest, has been uploaded anonymously, which some believe may shed further light over the fate of the three film students who vanished back in 1994 while working on a film project about the Blair Witch legend; James Donahue is said to believe that it portrays his sister Heather -perhaps showing what occurred after the known footage ends? You may watch it here:

Now, the clip ends with a set of broken images which has been found to be a puzzle-like piece which, as Reddit user damienjohn has discovered, when put together, reveals an unidentified face which he tentatively suggests might be child murderer Rustin Parr, but to me it does not look at all like him:

(Image edited by damienjohn

Now, since this image is quite obviously a negative, I inverted it, slightly darkened it in order to increase the contrast, and obtained a clearer picture of the mysterious person. As you may notice, the right eye is blurred, which brought to my memory an old engraving which I'd just seen hours earlier as I watched again the much-maligned film Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows. So I looked up the engraving, the sole known portrait said to have been made of Elly Kedward, the Blair Witch, supposedly made not long before her fatal exile to the wintry forest, in 1786.

Compare and judge for yourselves:

Could this be Elly Kedward herself, or the resemblance, which is admittedly inconclusive, is coincidental? What do you think? I wonder if Lisa Arlington and James Donahue noticed this.

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  1. Fantastic! There is definitely a strong similarity.

  2. Did you also notice, "Elly Kedward" 'Edward Kelly' ??? (Edward Kelly being the Necromancer/Alchemist who helped John Dee skry the Enochian Language as well as translate several of the Necronomicons.)