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Starting off

I always knew that I’d return to my old role as chronicler of the Necronomicon, something I did nonstop for several years. From 1992 to 1999, I compiled a lengthy bibliography and history of the forbidden book; a history which encompassed fictions, facts, legends... I wrote a couple of pieces with information for Daniel Harms and he posted them at his old website The Necronomicon Files... -damn, I was going to add the link but it seems the domain is gone. Maybe Xastur ate it or something. Check Daniel's and John's book The Necronomicon Files instead-. I compiled my findings until that point in my chapbook El Necronomicon: Un Comentario (La otra Orilla, 2000, Mexico), which crammed (and I mean crammed) in 54 small pages, constituted an exhaustive expansion upon H.P. Lovecraft’s brief essay History of the Necronomicon, which left nothing out, with three appendices: one dedicated to Dr. John Dee and the various versions of the Necronomicon attributed to him –most notoriously, Liber Loagaeth, Grimorium Imperium and Lin Carter’s Dee Necronomicon– , another for the Simon recension, or Simonomicon, and finally one for a purported copy of Alhazred’s work rumored to have been found here in Guadalajara, Mexico (much as some people refuse to believe it, I did not author the quaint article I reproduced in said third appendix -which somebody reproduced here).

My work on the subject did not end there; it continued for several years, albeit growing sparse. A difficult situation which I had been facing for years came to a head, and with it came what I can only describe as a stroke of Fate, and I underwent profound changes, both in circumstances and as a human being. I left my ever-expanding chronicle aside (I kept compiling information but rarely worked on it), I left an important translation unfinished (another great regret), I stopped mantaining valuable contact with several people... but in the middle of it all, well, how shall I put it? Let us say that I was led to encounter Umr at-Tawil; that I went down seven steps and came back up; it wasn't really in a Necronomicon context, but what I mean is, what I experienced amounts to a rough equivalent. So, I almost fell to pieces, but I managed to rise and break through that which had been weighing on me for so many years.

Yes, I’m changed; people change a lot sometimes. I even stopped writing horror fiction for the most part, something that lasted several years. Don’t get me wrong; I still loved horror fiction and films, it was just that it wasn’t so easy to conjure horror up from within when writing. I learned something about myself; it was so easy to write about Lovecraftian cosmic horror because it resonated within me, it echoed my own deeply-buried worldview. But now, ever since the first, intense experiences I had, I learned one thing above all: there is a sense, a purpose, to everything. And where there is a purpose to life, there is no place left for true, Lovecraftian cosmic fear; not any longer.

The first time I managed to write a new Lovecraftian piece, last year, it was so exhilarating; it’s so very different, but it’s also like visiting old, dear friends. Yes, I will continue devising Yog-Sothotheries from time to time; I love them too much not to. And I am taking up my various Necronomicon projects, slowly, steadily. It is time; I am better prepared for it all.

I have several webs and journals, dedicated to Traditional Witchcraft (in Spanish), to literature (also in Spanish), my books, even my LiveJournal which is mostly dedicated to debunk esoteric frauds and, of late, my new series LOL-Cat-Astrophe 2012, which concerns a feline roasting of 2012 New-Ageish beliefs.

But here I will post whatever I have to say concerning Lovecraft, Cthulhu, grimoires and especeally whatever concerns the Necronomicon, Al Azif, in its various versions. As a writer of horror fiction, of Mythos fiction, contributing to this haunting world is always a pleasure; as a fascinated student of the pseudobiblia, I never cease to be amazed; as a witch, I am very interested in the magical (or magickal if it suits you better) undercurrents of Cthulhuvian grimoires and the various brands of Necronomicon gnosis.

Stick around; I intend to rock the boat.

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  1. You forgot 'The Book Of Power' trans. by Idries Shah & 'The Book Of Dagon Cursed Writings Of Assyrian Priests'. Hey Maestro, can i copy some of this Pages Articles for posterity in The N"Mystery School?